Glacier NP Residency

At Two Medicine Lake at East glacier I enjoyed camping very close to to medicine Lake in fact right along side pray lake. every morning I left my camper just before sunrise to see the inversions and the clearing storms.…

From Kit Frost

Glacier Moonset, Kit Frost

Glacier Moonset, Kit Frost

Hi Folks, Here’s my latest collection of images from Glacier National Park.  I was in residence from August 18-Sept 15.  I explored both the east (Two Medicine) and the west (Lake McDonald and going to the sun) sides of the park.  I was not offered an official NPS residency but the applications from Glacier were all passed on to the Montana Preservation Alliance.  They hosted a 4 week residency in Montana (I chose Glacier NP).

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Show in 2017

Hello everyone, I’m looking to publish a show in 2017.  It would be similar to Kristin’s show, but past the centennial, and on Cape Cod. Originally it was going to be all artwork from Petrified Forest, but the director wants…

New Video: “The Artist’s Experience” from 100 Years of Arts in the Parks

“The Artist’s Experience” offers reflections on the national park experience from composers, illustrators, installation artists, musicians, painters and sculptors: the sources of inspiration they find in parks, its deep impact on their work, and the power of art to alter our sense of a place.

“100 Years of Arts in the Parks” celebrates how artists inspired the creation of the national parks and are helping to re-imagine the parks today. Each of these short videos features an astonishing collection of art inspired by the national park system’s equally incredible range of natural, cultural and historic park sites. Art works were generously shared by more 150 artists and arts organizations from national parks across the country. We thank them all.