My residency is this September 2014!

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    Priscilla Humay

    My residency is this September 2014. Will share my experiences after that. If anyone has explored Big Cypress, please share information.
    Priscilla Humay

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    AIR Field Notes

    Hi Priscilla, Congratulations! It is a beautiful space – dense in forest and many creatures to take in. I visited there one afternoon when I was the Everglades artist in residence. Park staff told me how I would see all these alligators. As I began to drive through, I would stop periodically to get out and take pictures. I thought, “where are all these alligators they were talking about?” I think alligators are great so I wanted to see them and was feeling disappointed. So I am taking pictures at another spot when I see about a six foot gator at the water’s edge. “Finally!” I thought. After that point, it was like my eyes opened up and I could see alligator after alligator. I guess there is a scientific name for this phenomena. I recently had a former student visit Big Cypress and the same thing happened to her.
    I did not feel afraid by the way and neither should you. Just be aware of your surroundings while working. The alligators are not really interested in people. One alligator was on the side of the road – really big, as long as my car. I slowed down to take a picture(from the car), he or she went away quickly. I did get a good enough picture with those big brown eyes.
    Insects and sun are what you need to be more concerned with – wear bug spray and sunscreen. I was there in March so the insects were not too bad but in certain areas, they seem to congregate.
    It was fun to see all the egrets amidst the forest as in the picture above. It is like they pose for you. Really beautiful.
    Drive slowly. Snakes like to sun themselves on the road. You may think it is a stick but it might not be. I accidentally drove over one despite watching the road. I was so sure it was a branch. He slithered away but I am not sure realistically that he survived. I still feel bad about that.
    It is like you are going way back in time when at Big Cypress. Just incredible.
    Enjoy and congratulations again!

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    AIR Field Notes

    Thanks Kristin…
    I am getting ready for this adventure.
    Since I am a visual artist (painting & drawing), I am trying to take the minimum amount of supplies… yet enough for working.
    Size? not sure yet

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