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    Sean Dupré

    As a last minute thought I put together a simple contact / business card to hand out to park staff or visitors that I encountered throughout my artist-in-residence. I used a business card paper with perforated edges from an office supply store so they weren’t expensive. It was a nice way to introduce myself and to give people the opportunity to connect to my work. I kept the cards in my vehicle and camera bag so they were always handy.

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    AIR Field Notes
    August 18, 2015 at 1:25 pm (edit)

    I did Moo cards too! They reproduce well and you can put a different image on each card. It would be great if the NPS would carry a line of AIR cards in their gift shops.

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    Melany Sarafis
    August 17, 2015 at 3:34 pm (edit)

    I made some MOO cards with lots of my favorite images and lots of Petrified Forest images (from a previous visit)
    During my presentation, I sat out a lot of cards – picture side up – and it seems that the night sky shots were more popular than my daytime Painted Desert picture cards.

    I love MOO cards, and I’m learning from this order which images work and what doesn’t.

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    larry brown

    Well, I am also eyeing on this business card printer at, however, I prefer the quality and glossy stock card to use, what could be the best brand for business card stock that is good for business. Just seen this kind of card you have here I also prefer a black and white design.

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