Congratulations to Bighorn Canyon NRA’s 2016 Artist in Residence

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Bighorn Canyon 2016 Artists In Residence Announced
Bighorn Canyon is in its third year of the Artists in Residence program. Fifteen artists from around the country and locally, applied for the Bighorn Canyon AIR program. Five amazing artists were selected. “The samples the artists sent with their applications were amazing. We had a hard time picking our top five and would have loved to have them all, but we just don’t have the accommodations,” said Chief of Interpretation Christy Fleming. Each artist will spend one to two weeks at Bighorn Canyon focusing on their work. At least one day during their stay has been set aside for the artists to give public programs and to share and talk about their work.

The artists selected for the 2016 Bighorn Canyon Artist In Residence program are Mary Aten of Muskegon, MI, Kit Frost of Durango, CO, Pat Cummins of Miami, FL, Sue King of Lancaster, OH, and Daniel Crowe of Oakland, CA. Their combined portfolio will allow visitors and other artist to learn more about photography, Textiles (art quilts), oil and acrylic painting. The artists will be in the park in the from June through September.

Bighorn Canyon would like to invite all of the local and visiting artists to come out during the public programs, set up an easel, create art, share Techniques, and just be inspired by Bighorn Canyon setting.

For those that are interested in seeing some of the work that has been produced during this program, Diane Plaza is showcasing some of the past Bighorn Canyon Artists. Artists In Residence at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area opens on March 31 at 7 PM. Past Residents Stephanie Rose, Lynn Richardson, Diane Durant and Denney Neville will have work on display. Ranger Ben Goodlad will be on hand to answer questions about the park.

For more information about the Artist In Residence program, call Christy Fleming at (307) 548-5406 or email her at

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  1. July 5, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Thanks for posting the Bighorn Residency. Does anyone have feedback about this residency. I’m leaving in a few days for travel to the residency, and have not received much intel from Christy Fleming about the location for my two weeks.

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