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GUMO AIR, July 2014

Getting settled in… By chance I was assigned to bunk at the historic Ship on the Desert, known by the staff simply as The Ship.  It was built by one of the fathers of GUMO, Wallace Pratt, who later donated…

Kathy Hodge’s journal from The Petrified Forest National Park

The WallApril 23, 2012

My little adobe house in the Petrified Forest already feels like home. It is so solid and quiet, and I have the AIR drill down pretty good so it all seems very familiar. The house contains small kitchen with a motley collection of pots and pans, half a dozen assorted glasses, plates, and random silverware. Salt, pepper and a welcomed bottle of olive oil. There’s a small bathroom and a common room containing a bed, naugahyde chair and couch, student grade desk and a nice big folding table, the only concession to possible artwork creation. [MORE]

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